【EVENT】Kyudai Asian Studies Seminars”Eurasian Visions and the Remaking of Russia’s Eastern Borders”

Kyudai Asian Studies Seminars
“Eurasian Visions and the Remaking of Russia’s Eastern Borders”

The Center for Asia Pacific Future Studies at Kyushu University (CAFS) shall hold the Kyudai Asian Studies Seminar on December 9th.

Speakers: Dr. Paul Richardson (The University of Manchester)

Venue: Research center for Korean Studies (韓国研究センター)
− Ground Floor,Science Campus, Kyushu University[map(No.52]
Date / time: Wednesday, December 9, 17:30-19:00


Over the last two years there has been a selective narrowing of Russia’s partnership with the European Union, while at the same time there has taken place a certain dematerialisation of Russia’s inter-state borders within post-Soviet space and in the Asia-Pacific region. In the latter cases, this reconfiguration of state borders is being rationalised through two distinct vectors: one which privileges modernisation and adheres to the tenets of neo-liberal economics; the other, a return to geopolitics and ideas of “civilisational spaces” with supposedly shared values, ideals, and political and economic interests. This paper suggests that through the lens of the border we can gain new insights into the processes driving this integrationist agenda, which is related to the politics of identity; the nature of the political regime; national development strategies; and the articulation of “national” interests. It suggests that at the same time as there are certain complementarities between the processes driving the dematerialisation of Russia’s Eurasian borders, there are also emerging tensions, which are remaking these borders in unintended and often contradictory ways.


Paul Richardson is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the School of Arts, Languages, and Cultures at the University of Manchester. His recent research interests include Russia’s national development strategy in the Far East; the Eurasian Union and reconfiguration of borders and identity in post-Soviet space; and the rise of nationalism and territorial disputes in the Asia-Pacific region. He has published articles and reviews in the journals: Global Change, Peace, and Security; Politics; The Russian Analytical Digest; Asia-Pacific Bulletin; European Urban and Regional Studies; The Scottish Geographical Journal; Canadian Slavonic Papers as well as a number of book chapters.

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