【EVENT】Asia Pacific Border Studies Seminar

Asia Pacific Border Studies Seminar

~Border Tourism “Incorporating Kyushu/Okinawa and Hokkaido”~

The Center for Asia Pacific Future Studies at Kyushu University (CAFS) shall hold its first seminar on Asia Pacific borders.
We intend a number of talks on the increasingly vital issue of Border Tourism. There will also be a special lecture on the Japan International Border Studies Network, which brings together borderland administrations like Tsushima and Wakkanai. We look forward to seeing many of you in attendance for this fascinating and timely series of talks.
○The Poster for the Event is here (Japanese only)

Date: 14:30~17:30 – March 30, 2015 (Saturday)
Place: IP CITY HOTEL(Nakasu, Hakata ward, Fukuoka)[Details]
Fee: Free ※Please register in advance
Language: Japanese
Hosted by: Center for Asia Pacific Future Studies, Kyushu University
Co-hosts: Eurasia Unit for Border Research (Japan), Slav-Eurasia Research Center, Hokkaido University
With the Cooperation of: Japan Center for Borderlands Studies (NPO), Japan International Border Studies Network
Supported by: ANA Sales Co, Ltd. and JR Kyushu Jet Ferry Inc.
Fukuoka Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
Kyushu Economic Research Center


14:30 Introductory Remarks

14:40 “An invitation to border tourism” session
“Going to Tsushima and Pusan with ANA and the Beetle” Yasunori HANAMATSU (Kyushu University)
“Going to Wakkanai and Sakhalin with ANA and the ferry” Akihiro IWASHITA (Hokkaido University)

16:20 Roundtable and Discussion

17:00 Special Lecture
“Connecting Japan’s Borderlands” Koji FURUKAWA (Deputy Director, JIBSN)

17:30 Closing Remarks