Cooperation agreement concluded between the Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies and Kyushu Rokin

On October 14, 2014, a ceremony was held to mark the conclusion of an agreement between the Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies (CAFS) and the Kyushu Rokin Bank, to encourage the development of new business models through collaboration between business and academia. Given CAFS’s research into “Sustainable Regional Governance” as part of its Border Studies module and Kyushu Rokin’s role in regional development as a provider of welfare financing, both parties are agreed on the need for cooperation and collaboration in order to construct a framework within which to conduct research and develop new business models. The signing was conducted by Kyushu Rokin’s managing director, Tetsuro KATAYAMA, and the director of CAFS, Takatoshi MATSUBARA.

Along with the conclusion of this agreement, plans are being developed for Kyushu Rokin to dispatch young employees to CAFS in order to conduct collaborative research over a two year period.

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