About CAFS

A Message from the Director


I became the interim director of the Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies in December 2016. I will be working with colleagues from all disciplines from across the university to set CAFS in its path to fulfilling its founding goals.

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary in 2011, Kyushu University set out its vision for the next century of its development under the slogan of “九大百年、躍進百大”(After 100 years of Kyushu University, lets advance into the world’s top 100) announcing to the world its intention of getting all of its academic disciplines ranked within the global top 100. This Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies has a vitally important role in realizing Kyudai’s aspirations for the next one hundred years. We will leading the university in setting the new social agenda for Asia while contributing to global sustainable development, building on the accomplishments of the “strategy prioritizing Asia” and  the open “new academic vistas founded upon a common Asian Pacific heritage”.

Sanae-I. ITOH, Director

Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies, Kyushu University