Kyushu University Border Studies―KUBS―

KUBS - Kyushu University Border Studies

Kyushu University Border Studies (KUBS) is an ambitious inter-disciplinary research unit that will respond to the contemporary challenges for borders, both materially and conceptually.

KUBS will seek to:

  • Comprehend how borders are affected by forces associated with globalization, including the increasing flows of people and goods, effects of technology, state concerns over security, and shared environmental and political challenges.
  • Draw together hitherto dispersed research from Japan and further afield on borders, particularly related to the Asia-Pacific region in which Japanese scholars have a long-standing and internationally-recognized expertise, and develop a network of scholars engaged with such concerns.
  • Develop the field of border studies in Japan and promote its introduction as a field of academic study in its own right
  • Produce policy-relevant knowledge and establish exchanges between academia and policy-makers.

About KUBS