About CAFS

Overview of CAFS

Aims and Objectives

The Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies at Kyushu University is an organization that responds to changes in the domestic and international environment in which the university operates, which has been founded to answer the demands of regional society, international society and the academic world, and to push forward with “internationalizing reforms in academic organizations”. Through the founding of this organization, the implementation of projects across the humanities will become possible, promoting the increasing international reputation that Kyushu University possesses across the humanities and social sciences, and contributing to the aim for all academic fields to be ranked within the top 100 globally by the year 2023.

Specifically, this center shall offer a channel of collaboration between research occurring the social scientific research taking place in our university through the graduate schools of humanities, social and cultural studies, human-environment studies, law, and economics. It shall help form networks between different disciplines relevant to the conduct of contemporary research into the Asia-Pacific region, and strengthen the mutual cooperation between researchers and graduate students. Through an expansion in the number of foreign teaching staff, increase in the proportion of research being disseminated internationally, extension of research networks and collaboration undertaken with over 2500 individual next-generation researchers and practitioners in the next five years, the standard and impact of research shall be raised and the continuing international significance of the research of this next generation of scholars shall be maintained and further promoted.